1. Business name:  This one is self-explanatory. Enter the name of your business.

2. Business location: Use the Location Finder to find your business location or enter it manually. Tip: If you do not have an onsite location, enter the closest address to you (without unit #) and select from the best match in the list. Note: If Yocale does not recognize what you entered, a dialog will pop up that asks you to pinpoint your location on the map. Drag the pin around the map and enter whatever you want in the address field.

3. Cell phone:

To change your cell number, click on the “Change” link above the number, you will be prompted to enter a validation code once more. 

4. Public phone: This is the number to reach your business, which will be publicly displayed on your business profile. 

5. Public profile URL: Your public profile URL is a critical part of your profile. When your clients enter this address into their browser it will take them to your Business Profile page. We allow you to customize this URL to make it easier for you and your clients to remember, and to be picked up by Google in search.

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6. Description: Include a description that represents the classification of your business. The description length is set to a minimum of 50 characters and a maximum of 4000 characters.

7. Business hours: Specify hours of operation and (easily) update them to reflect holidays and special events. 🎥 Here is an excellent video guide on setting your business hours

8. Photos: A picture is worth a thousand words. As you see, you have the option to upload a variety of photos. The first image represents your profile photo, which will be displayed on your public profile. The next image is your business logo and will be displayed on all the emails and in your widget. Lastly, other photos contain images that will be displayed in your public profile area. You can upload up to 10 images in this section and they will be rotating near the header on your public profile page. Note: image allowance is 300 x 300 and no bigger than 1.5 MB, while other photos must be at least 1200X600. Click here for more tips

💡Yocale Tip: Sometimes, it is nice to speak to a real person. Contact us to help you set up.