Academy Syllabus

Chapter 1:

Account Setup

All right, let’s dive deep in. First, you need to sign up on Yocale. Once you register with some  basic business details, we can start creating your Yocale booking profile. So, follow along as we hold your hands and guide you. 

Chapter 2:

Settings and Policies

There are so many different options available to you within the settings portal. In general, settings are modifications that adjust to the user’s preference, in this case, your preferences!

Let’s start with your Business Settings:

Chapter 3:


Your calendar is your business’s ultimate digital planner. it has a plethora of options to meet your needs, and we have engineered it to be easy and flexible. Now that your business profile is set up nicely, let’s explore your calendar.

Chapter 6:

Forms &
Form Builder

“Get to know your clients before meeting them.”

If you want to add value to your business, forms are great resources. With Yocale’s form builder, you can create any type of form to extract any type of information you require from your clients. Whether a signature or sensitive and confidential information. 

Chapter 7:

Point of Sale

Yocale’s point of sale system is beautifully designed, if we may say so ourselves. It is very functional, too! Some of its main features include collecting online payments (pronto), selecting pre-authorized deposits, it’s drag and drop invoice creator, billing, tracking client payment summary and invoice history! Let’s get into its full capabilities.

Chapter 8:

Video Appointments

Fully integrated — and no download is needed — video appointments offer the opportunity to operate your business remotely, and to virtually connect with your clients.

Chapter 9:


To achieve structured days and avoid booking discrepancies, integrate your Microsoft Outlook calendar into Yocale. Is Google your go to email provider? You can inter alia perform a 2 way sync with your Google calendar. 

Note: you can only have one calendar integrated at once. Let’s get into it.

Chapter 10:

Yocale Pay

We have partnered up with industry giant Elavon to offer our clients the lowest rates and credit card processing fees.

Bonus Chapter:

Scheduling Best Practices

How to maximize your bookings, customer retention, staff satisfaction and revenue.

Bonus Chapter:

Yocale for beauty businesses

Our beauty salon scheduling software has tailor-made features for your business and is catered to your everyday usage. Find out why Yocale is the best software made for beauty salon business owners just like you! 

Bonus Chapter:

Yocale for medical practitioners

If you’re a doctor, general practitioner, physician, or other medical professional, we’ve got you covered! Our medical scheduling software is made for your business and catered to your everyday usage. Find out why Yocale is the best online scheduling software made for medical practice owners just like you!