It is all about your hardworking staff, who make your business absolute! If you are a one-person type of operation, you can skip this chapter.

Still here? Great, let’s add your staff to Yocale! Make your way to the People page by using the email drop-down menu > Manage > People: 

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Okay, let’s add a bookable staff member. A bookable staff member is referred to as a service Provider who provides a service. To add a provider, in the People’s page > + Add Provider

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Once you have added their basic information (name and email) select > Invite (so they can complete their profile) 

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With this, they will receive the invite email welcoming them to Yocale and finalizing the setup of their profile. 

📞 Yocale Tip: Sometimes, it is nice to speak to a real person. Contact us for a demo.