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How can I sync with my Google Calendar?

A. Here is a step-by-step video guide on the Google Calendar Integration 

1) Initially, from your Calendar page, navigate to “Tools” then “Provider Tools” and select the Integration button:

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2) Click on “Connect”. Make sure to have popup windows enabled:

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3) By default, Yocale will already have permission for the basic services. You will have to allow permission for the remaining two manually by checking off the boxes and clicking on “Continue”

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4) After that, the Google Calendar sync should now be enabled.

How do I add forms to a bookings on the calendar?

A. To add additional form(s) to an existing appointment follow the steps below:

Voila! Form should be added now.

How do I add block time offs?

A. Feeling like you need a break? Follow these easy steps to set up either a one-time or recurring break, your choice! From the Business Calendar follow the steps below:

  1. Click anywhere on your calendar and chose “New Time Off”  

2. You can enter the details of the Block off Time on this page or click on “More Options” to enter additional information. Be sure to add the date the sequence of breaks will begin, as well as the Start & End Time of the break.

How do I manage different time zones on my calendar?

A. If you want to change the displayed timezone on your calendar, follow along. On the right side of your business calendar,click on the 3 dot icon and choose “Timezone”. You may manage your time zone from here:

If they want to change the actual timezone of your location, you need to update your business address for the system to reflect the relevant timezone. 

Can I print my calendar?

A. Yes. On the right side of your business calendar, you will see the following 3 dot icon. Once you click on it, select “Print”. You may print your calendar in whichever view you desire.