To experience the utmost efficiencies in your day, you have a plethora of filters to play with at your disposal. Let’s explore them. 

Change Calendar View 

🎥 For better visualization, watch this video tutorial displaying:

To change your calendar view on your calendar, use the option field at the top of your calendar to change to Team view, Week View, One Day View, or Agenda View:

Team Calendar View: On a day-to-day basis, access all your staffs’ activities (including their block off times, bookings, availability, etc) at one glance. *Note: The team calendar view is an excellent way to assimilate your team’s productivity and even assign appointment requests to them. What gets measured, gets improved! 

Week Calendar View: In one view, assimilate an overview of the whole week, including appointments, block time offs, and bookings.

One Day Calendar View: Displays all team members’ schedules and activities for any selected day.

Agenda Calendar View: Agenda view is like your very own journal of your day-to-day activities. Here is an example of how the “Agenda” view looks:

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Set Your Timezone

When you enter your address, the system will automatically set the timezone based on your location. Want to set or change your timezone?

🎥 Follow our video guide for setting your timezone.