Once within a client’s profile, you will also have access to the following icons (located under their avatar): 

With the first icon, you can “Add a new appointment” directly from here. With the phone icon, you can copy the number in your clipboard to contact the client. Clicking on the email icon, it will copy the client’s email in your clipboard. Please note: You will see these icons if you have the clients email and phone number stored in their file.

Client Appointments Forms and Documents

In one view, assimilate and manage all incoming and outgoing forms and records and add or assign new forms to your client’s profile. Start by selecting the “Forms & Documents” tab: 

To add or assign a new form to your client, select the + New Forms tab:

Select the form from the list of available options and click on “Add Forms”:

Voila! You have now assigned a new form to this client. 

Clients’ Data Grid

The data grid is an innovative, cool, organizing, and sorting system. Within the clients profile portal, organize the columns to best fit your vision and achieve the best transparency.

🎥 Here is a fun little clip to illustrate the data grid for you! Check it out! 

💡Yocale Tip:  Look for this cool new organizing and sorting system throughout the application! Sometimes, speaking to a real person is nice. Contact us to show you around!