It’s understandable- when you’re servicing clients, you might forget or not have time to update details about their appointment, requests, or add notes to remind yourself about that one particular detail. Or maybe you use a paper method (like sticky notes), and don’t remember where you placed them. Oops! 

With electronic notes, you have nothing to worry about. To access notes through the clients’ profile, navigate to the Notes tab on the left side of your screen. Here, you will see all the notes attached to the appointment(s) for  this particular client:

Need to update a note? Select the pen icon under “Actions”(or click on the note) and edit the note right here. Forgot to add notes? No worries! 

Once within the “Appointments” tab, navigate to the appointment you wish to add notes for. By selecting the pencil icon under Actions, you will be taken directly to the appointment details page.