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How do I import my Client List? 

A. To onboard your full client list, navigate to Clients> Client actions> Import client

For a successful import and the client preliminary details required, follow our handy client import support article here. You may also send our support team a .csv format and we would be happy to import it into your account. 

Can I print the appointment history of my client? 

A. Yes. Once you are in a client’s profile, navigate to the 3 dot icon (besides their photo) and select “Print Appointment History”: 

Can I block a client?

A. Yes, blocked clients can’t book an appointment online via the booking Widget or Reserve with Google. You can block a client from their profile.Simply click the 3-dot button beside their photo and select, “Block Client”:

Once a client has been blocked, you will see the following symbol (besides their name) as you are scrolling through your client list: 

Do my customers need to enter their password each time they login?

A. Yocale has a feature called “Anonymous Login”. Once this feature is switched on, clients no longer need to enter their password each time and can login using their email address. 

* For assistance on turning the anonymous feature on, please send a support email to support@Yocale.com **

How can I invite my Clients to Yocale? 

A. We can help! * For assistance in inviting your clients, please send a support email to support@Yocale.com *

How do clients receive an associated form I need them to fill out before an appointment?

A. If you require your client to complete a form before their appointment, your first need to associate the form with that particular service. Once the client choses to book the service online, they will receive an email with the form(s) attached to be fulfilled.

All your client needs to do is click on the “Fill the Form” button and they are able to fulfill the details online prior to their appointment:

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You will automatically receive their submission,- which will automatically be saved to the client’s file online.