Do you need to load in a scanned medical referral, a covid self-assessment form, or a medical history record to get directly stored in your client’s profile? Great, we got you covered. Some of the most common types of records include: 

Here is an example of a form. You can upload the patient’s anatomy photos, annotate on areas of treatment, modify notes, track revisions, and document the healing progress: 

Medical annotations for physical therapist

💡Tip: It is important to write a clear SOAP note for better record keeping. Learn How to write better and faster progress and SOAP notes. 


Kiosk mode provides privacy and keeps data confidential. It is a function that authorizes patients to fill out a form on a shared business device such as a tablet or computer, but only gives them access to the form to be fulfilled. In Kiosk mode, patients can only access fields in the form that are set to be external client-facing and upon the form being completed, a password is required. To activate Kiosk Mode, select a form from Tools -> Submissions. Once within the form, click on the 3-dot icon beside “Submit” and chose “Kiosk Mode”: 

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Share electronic forms, questionnaires, and surveys via email or waiting room kiosk mode on shareable tablets.

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