Welcome to Yocale MEET Teletherapy! Fully integrated. No download is needed. The ultimate in Tele-therapy. 

 Some of the features to highlight include: 

💡Yocale Tip: To add Yocale MEET to your account, please chat with us here or send a support email to support@Yocale.com

Set Up Yocale Meet

Let’s go ahead and create a virtual service which you would like to offer video appointments for (refer to “Advanced Customization” in Chapter 1 for details)

To summarize, you can make virtual services from:

Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated

Voila! You are now live to take virtual appointments “face to face”!  Please note, once a client (or business) books a virtual service, the video appointment link will be directly sent to them within their appointment confirmation! If your client booked the video appointment via the booking Widget, they can see the appointment link on their booking confirmation, as well.

Some other items to note about Yocale Meet 

You can connect your microphone or choose to listen solely to a presentation or be a silent participant in the video meeting. You also have the option to use private chat boxes and message a participant directly and privately. What is even cooler, is you have access to the following actions using the + button:

Talking about polling, you can create live and direct polling right on the spot during your video appointments and ask your participants questions or get their votes: 

🎥 Video Guide. To introduce Yocale Meet and its features, let’s take a visual tour around Yocale Meet and its Annotation capabilities! 

To summarize, the video starts off by virtually connecting the therapist with their patient. Once the 2 are connected, the patient’s behavioral test is presented and annotations are used for assessment.  The teletherapy session concludes by the therapist sharing a Ted Talk video about mental health. 

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