Your privacy is our number one priority, – which is why we engineered the Kiosk Mode

First, to access the Kiosk mode, first, a form has to be submitted by your client. Once you have received a submitted form, navigate within the form’s platform, and select “Submission” besides “Forms”. 

Click on the form of choice. Once in the submission, click on the 3-dot icon beside “Submit”. To activate it, chose “Kiosk Mode”: 

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Kiosk mode is a function for authorizing clients to fill out a form on a shared business device such as a tablet or computer, but only giving them access to the form to be fulfilled. In Kiosk mode, clients can only access fields in the form that are set to be external client-facing and upon the form being completed, a password is required. 

Once the password is entered, the provider can resume using Yocale as usual.

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🎥 Video Guide: Watch the Kiosk Mode in action!