You can create both internal and external forms. Internal forms are excellent for staff surveys’ or feedback/ assessment/ follow up or whichever fits your business’s specific processes.

You can create a full internal form or customize it for certain fields to be internal. 

If you want the full form to be internal, you can do so from the forms page. Once you are within the form portal, click on “Details” and turn the “ Mark as Internal Form” on:

If you only want some fields to be internal (only your business can view these fields), start from the form builder. Drag and drop the fields you need from the left side onto your form. Once you drop in a new field, say a “Signature Field”, you will see a new side window slide open on the right of the form builder. Here you can make your field internal:

Yocale Tip! Did you know you can add two signatures to a form? One internal (say you need a provider to sign off) and one for your client! Happy signing 

Lock Form

From here, you can lock the form after a certain number of days (locking a form means unable to be edited or updated by the client) and as well choose the format of your form. We have addressed the various form types in different sections.