Your Website Book Button: The Smart Booking Widget

The vision for the widget is simple: Ease of use and scheduling efficiency.

🎥 Experience it yourself!

It’s super simple to set up your website book button! If you have basic coding knowledge, you should be able to insert your booking URL into your website (otherwise, your website developer would be happy to do so). Yocale will generate the code for you and everything. But first, let’s visualize your book button. Depending on your setting and preference, the following is an example of how your book button is displayed on your website:

A picture containing text, person, indoor, underpants

Description automatically generated

*Tip: For better accessibility, Add multiple Book Now buttons on your different website pages. 

Select how the widget will be presented on your website

Implement the booking Widget on your business website in various styles and formats. There are 3 different styles that you can add to the book button onto your website:

1. Custom Book Button (Inline): A custom button you can place anywhere within the code of your site


2. Floating Book Button

A hovering book button that stays fixed on your website as customers scroll up and down on your website


3. Embedded Widget Book Button

Open your widget and have the time slots open and ready to book in a section of your webpage

Depending on your website type, here are the guides to follow: 

  1. Embed your booking widget on your website (WordPress or WIX
  2. Booking Widget WordPress Plugin
  3. Adding the widget to the Weebly website (Java Script) 

🎥 Need more help? Here is the Widget Installation Guide. “How to implement the Booking Widget” 

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