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What do my customers see on my booking profile?

1. Customers will be able to read your Business Description to get an idea of what your business is all about. 

2. Underneath your description, a Google Map with your business locale is shown.

3. Customers will be able to view all your Staff Profiles and will be able to book directly with a provider by clicking the Book button. 

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4. Your complete Business & Contact Information is shown, including your address, telephone, website, and hours.

5. All Services, including available locations, duration, and pricing. Customers can choose to directly book a service by clicking the Book button.

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6. Once a customer selects the Book button, they see the booking widget pop up.

7. Customers will receive a pop-up with all their appointment information, prompting them to Confirm & Book. 

Can my customers leave reviews for me on Yocale?

A: Yes. Here is how you can accelerate the review process. Once a service is marked as Completed, the client will receive an option to review the service. The review format asks 4 simple questions and the option for a comment:

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Your reviews/ ranking are displayed on the top of your public profile: 

As you scroll down your booking profile, you will see the actual reviews and their details.

Can a customer book a service that would run past our closing time?

A. Currently, Yocale (or RGW) does not support clients booking a service that runs into the closing time. Fun tip: To get around this, consider extending the schedule by 30 minutes (to allow leeway). You always have the option to create by request appointments and make the decision to accept or decline late bookings based on how your day is looking!

What do I need to be eligible for Reserve with Google?

A. Good question! 🎥 Refer to this video which guides you on thee requirements needed to go live on Google Reserve! 

How much does Reserve with Google cost?

A. Reserve With Google is Free! There is no additional charge or fee for being a part of the program. It is a free service to help make your clients’ booking experience that much easier.

How am I notified of bookings through Reserve with Google? 

A. Bookings automatically appear on your Yocale Calendar. In addition, if you have your Yocale booking notifications ON, then you will also be notified by either email or SMS. With the likelihood of an increased volume of bookings coming through the Reserve with Google program, we recommend you take a moment to review your notification settings.

What do my customers experience when booking on the Widget?

  1. When a client lands on your booking widget, they can select either the location(s), service(s), or staff they’d like to book > This will bring up the selected availability to book.
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Once logged in, the client can review their booking details, complete forms that are associated with the service, or add additional comments to the booking. Selecting Complete Booking confirms this appointment.

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Does the booking widget support multi-location bookings?

A. Absolutely. In addition, clients can:

🎥 Video Guide: Multi-location booking. Watch the Widget in action!

Can I offer the booking Widget in a different language based on my geographic location? 

A. Depending on your geographical location, yes! Contact our support team to assist you.