Engineered to customize the following fields. Tip: Turn any features On or Off by switching the sliding button to the right or left:

In addition, you have access to full customization within the booking confirmation page:


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🎥 Watch the booking widget in action and experience a client booking with a (multi-location) business. To find the most ideal appointment time, the client has selected all available locations for the widget to generate more alternatives. 

Booking Widget’s Hello Bar Banner 

Research shows that the better you dynamically communicate with your audience, the higher your customer engagement will be. With the Booking Widget’s “hello bar” banner, communicate with your customers and introduce offers, new enhancements, promotions, or simply encode how much you appreciate their business! To customize your message, start from your Yocale profile and maneuver to:

  1. “Tools” and select “Business Tools”
  2. Click on “Widget Setting” ( You can as well access this from the Booking page >> Business section >> Edit Setting)
  3. Choose “General Customization”
  4. Scroll down to “Alert” and switch display alert to ON
  5. Voila! You can now encode your message in the field below as displayed:
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Using the Booking Widget to book your services, customers will then see the notification:

Keep in mind that you may change your message on a daily basis to encode new announcements or alerts to keep your customers engaged. Cheers to keeping you connected to your audience!