To add a new location, follow our support article here.

On your booking Widget, you can customize a variety of location metrics to be displayed. Let’s set your customization for the following:

  1. Location Label – What would you like the field “Location” label to be displayed when clients are booking your services? For example, you can edit it to display “Establishment” or “Branch” or “Office”. Or better yet, set your own.
  2. Location Sorting – When clients are booking you, do you want your location(s) to be displayed alphabetically, by distance, availability or by custom sort?
  3. Hide Location Address – Your choice to display the address
  4. Show Location – And details in Full View
  5. Allow multiple location selection – The client can select two (or more locations) to find the best available time. Ideal for multi-service bookings. 
  6. Skip Location – The system will automatically select a location for the client

Distance Unit – Do you want your location distance to be displayed in km or mile units?