If you operate a business with multiple providers (or even a single provider), you can micromanage and customize Provider settings inter alia:

  1. Provider label – What would you like the field “Provider” to be displayed as? For example, you can edit its name to display “Staff” or “Instructor” instead of a provider
  2. Default provider sorting – Choose the default provider sorting by rating, availability, alphabetical, or customize. This will affect how providers are displayed upon booking
  3. Show provider full view –  Shows providers and their details in full view 
  4. Redirect to Provider full view – Clients will see providers in full view instead of a list of providers 
  5. Hide unavailable provider – Hide providers who are unavailable to take appointments 
  6. Allow multiple providers selection – Allows clients to view the availability of providers
  7. Hide provider image – Turn on or off (The image of the provider will not be displayed.)
  8. Hide provider rating – Turn on or off (The rating of the provider will not be displayed.)
  9. Skip Provider – Simply turn the Skip Provider option ON so the clients can only choose the service type, date/ time, and the location of the appointment. Any available provider will then be automatically selected upon the appointment confirmation.
  10. Hide skipped provider – Turn on or off (The client will not see the provider’s name)
  11. Hide any provider – Client will not be able to select the provider option upon booking
  12. Any provider labels  – You can customize the display name for the filed “any provider” 
  13. Hide any provider icon –The “any provider” Icon will be hidden in the widget and clients have to choose provider to see the time slots