Like location customization, you have the option to personalize services on the booking widget. Here are the options available to you:

  1. Service Label – What would you like the field “services” to be displayed as? For example, you can edit it to show “Session” or “Appointment Type” instead of service
  2. Service Sorting – When customers are booking you online, do you want your services to be displayed alphabetically, by duration, or by availability?
  3. Redirect to Service Full View – Shows service and its details in full view. In fact, by turning on this setting, service dropdown will be skipped
  4. Hide Unavailable Services- Upon booking, customers will not see unavailable services upon the  booking process
  5. Allow Multi-Service Selection – Allow clients to select multi-services to find the best/soonest appointment 
  6. Hide Service Price/ Hide Service Duration – Customer will not see this type of details upon booking
  7. Hide Service Image – If you have assigned an image to a service, you can hide it.
  8. Show Service Category – By turning on this setting, you can see the categories in widget service dropdown and full view pages
  9. Multi-Service – Allow clients to book more than one service at a time

On your booking Widget, do you prefer for customers to see the service offerings first upon  booking? If so, maneuver to your Yocale profile and follow these simple steps:


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Voila! Your mission is now accomplished. You can just as easily change your default availability grouping by “Time”, “Location”, or “Provider”.

If you want to hide the duration and pricing of your services on your booking Widget, within the service customization you have the option to personalize as you wish: