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Can I save a client’s credit card on file?

A. You sure can. Navigate to Tools -> Business Tools -> select Payment Settings. Once you arrive here, you will see the Online Payment Option. Go ahead and turn the “Save card on file” on. Tip: This is a great tactic to charge for missed appointments (if required):

The second option is when you are on the POS (checking out a client after their service). If the client is paying with a card, simply enter the card’s details into the system and click the “Save Card” tab:

💡Did you know? When a client is booking a service on the Widget, they also have the option to save their credit card information. If you require payment for bookings in advance, your clients can pay with their saved CC every time. Convenient, ey!Please note: To vault/ save a customer’s credit card on file, could require you to be on a particular package. Select the right package to thrive your business.