Use annotations to master precision and collaborations in presentations. To annotate on an uploaded presentation, you need to have the role of a presenter (as the creator of the video meeting, you are automatically the presenter and eligible to use the annotation tools). As well, you can provide authority for any of your guests to present . With that, here is a quick guide to annotate:

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  1. Select the annotation tool on the right side of the screen that you would like to use (hand, pencil, rectangle, triangle, ellipse, line, or text)
  2. Select the size of your drawing tool
  3. Select the color of your drawing tool
  4. Undo and annotations made
  5. Clear all annotations
  6. Turn on the multi-user whiteboard 

Practice Drill 🏈

How are we feeling so far? If you are ready to test your knowledge on annotations, follow our practice drill:

To wrap up Yocale Meet, here is the summary of its highlighted features:

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Cheers to better virtual connections!